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UberStrike - Items

Uberstrike Items are available to purchase from in-game shop are included in a bundle.

There are two types of items:

  • Functional Items
  • Quick Items

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Go to: All items that has been introduced on Uberstrike

The Functional Items

Functional items are used via 'Shop' menu. They are generally good for one usage. After using they will be gone from your inventory.

The Quick Items

Quick items need to be equipped into your in-game load-out. There are 3 slots available to equip 3 quick items (of different kind) you plan on using during a game. In other words you can't equip an 8-pack Spring Grenades into a slot and at the same time equip a 3-pack Spring Grenades because they are of the same kind.

During a game you can use them via keyboard keys. By default, quick item at slot 1 will be activated.

Default keyboard in-game instructions:

  • Press 'E' to use the activated quick item.
  • Press '6' to activate Slot 1
  • Press '7' to activate Slot 2
  • Press '8' to activate Slot 3
  • Press 'R' to activate the next quick item in the sequence.