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UberStrike - Gears and Armors - All time

Just Officers' list of all gears and armors ever introduced on Uberstrike
BootsBoots of Lucius The Cruel
BootsYellow Sentai Samurai Boots
BootsRed Sentai Samurai Boots
BootsWaders of Agent Xenon
BootsWaders of Agent Xenon Limited
BootsBoots of Dr Decay
BootsBoots of Dr Decay Limited
BootsStratos Boots
BootsLeather Dress Shoes
BootsThe Tramplers
BootsCap'n Bradford's Boots
BootsCroc Skin Boots
BootsBlack Corps Boots
BootsJuggernaut Boots
BootsSforce Ninja Tabi
BootsSir Magnus' Boots
BootsArcticDread Boots
BootsIron Heel of Viktor
BootsSentinel Spurs
BootsCounter-Terrorist Boots
BootsBlack Sentai Samurai Boots
BootsWhite Sentai Samurai Boots
BootsUberSanta Boots
BootsSkeletal Shoes
FaceFangs of Lucius The Cruel
FaceThe Captain of Ghost Island
FaceUSA Flag mask
FaceBeard and Mo
FaceCap'n Bradford's Patch
FaceBlack Corps Balaclava
FaceSforce Ninja Mask
FaceArcticDread Mask
FaceCounter-Terrorist Mask
FaceUberSanta Beard
GlovesGloves of Lucius The Cruel
GlovesYellow Sentai Samurai Gloves
GlovesRed Sentai Samurai Gloves
GlovesGloves of Agent Xenon
GlovesGloves of Agent Xenon Limited
GlovesInstruments of Dr Decay
GlovesInstruments of Dr Decay Limited
GlovesStratos Gloves
GlovesThe Goon Crushers
GlovesCap'n Bradford's Gloves
GlovesBlack Corps Gloves
GlovesJuggernaut Power Grips
GlovesSforce Ninja Claws
GlovesSir Magnus' Gauntlets
GlovesArcticDread Gloves
GlovesIron Fists of Viktor
GlovesSentinel Gloves
GlovesCounter-Terrorist Gloves
GlovesBlack Sentai Samurai Gloves
GlovesWhite Sentai Samurai Gloves
Hand GunCadaverous Claws
handsUberSanta Claw
HeadCoiffure of Lucius The Cruel
HeadYellow Sentai Samurai Helmet
HeadRed Sentai Samurai Helmet
HeadThe Green Knight
HeadThe Manly Mask
HeadThe Bitmask
HeadThe Golden Mask
HeadThe Mask of Sanity
HeadThe Rat Rod
HeadThe Eroder
HeadThe Stinker
HeadThe Totalist
HeadHelmet of Agent Xenon
HeadHelmet of Agent Xenon Limited
HeadBlinkers of Dr Decay
HeadBlinkers of Dr Decay Limited
HeadStratos Helmet
HeadJohny5 Mask
HeadGreen Berret
HeadThe Commandanna
HeadCap'n Bradford's Hat
HeadCroc Skin Akubra
HeadBlack Corps Helmet
HeadJuggernaut Visor
HeadSforce Ninja Headband
HeadSir Magnus' Helm
HeadArcticDread Beanie
HeadIron Helm of Viktor
HeadSentinel Cowl
HeadCounter-Terrorist Helmet
HeadBlack Sentai Samurai Helmet
HeadWhite Sentai Samurai Helmet
HeadPrince Ribbit
HeadCroak in Spectacles
HeadUberSanta Hats
HeadThe Mask of Terror
HeadThe Gloom' O Pumpkin
HeadThe White Skull
HoloJulia Holo
HoloJulia Ninja Holo
HoloCyber Zombie Lutzre-release
HoloZombie Lutzre-release
HoloCyber Zombie Lutz
HoloZombie Lutz
HoloCyber Zombie LutzSpecial
HoloZombie LutzSpecial
Lower BodyDrawers of Lucius The Cruel
Lower BodyYellow Sentai Samurai Greaves
Lower BodyRed Sentai Samurai Greaves
Lower BodyBase of Agent Xenon
Lower BodyBase of Agent Xenon Limited
Lower BodyRoot of Dr Decay
Lower BodyRoot of Dr Decay Limited
Lower BodyStratos Legs
Lower BodyMafioso Suit Pants
Lower BodyThe Jeans of Manliness
Lower BodyCap'n Bradford's Pants
Lower BodyCroc Skin Pants
Lower BodyBlack Corps Leg Armor
Lower BodyBlackSuit Pants
Lower BodyJuggernaut Leg Armor
Lower BodySforce Ninja Greaves
Lower BodySir Magnus' Greaves
Lower BodyArcticDread Tactical Pants
Lower BodyIron Legs of Viktor
Lower BodySentinel Power Greaves
Lower BodyCounter-Terrorist Tactical Pants
Lower BodyBlack Sentai Samurai Greaves
Lower BodyWhite Sentai Samurai Greaves
Lower BodyUberSanta Pants
Lower BodyLifeless Legs
SetNinja ArmorWhite Dragon
SetNinja ArmorBlack Dragon
setECO SHIRTre-release
SetGuard of Ophion ScoutCamo
SetGuard of Ophion Scout
SetYellow Sentai Samurai Armor
SetRed Sentai Samurai Armor
SetSentinel Power Armor
setUrbane Camo shirt

Urbane Camo Pants

Jungle Camo Shirt

Jungle Camo Pants

Superstar Jacket

Superstar Pants

Superstar Shades

Superstar Gloves

SetMagnus Ironfist
SetViktor Ironfist
SetArctic Dreads
Upper BodyJuggernaut ChestDragon
Upper BodyGodfather's Suit Jacketre-release
Upper BodyMantle of Lucius The Cruel
Upper BodyCounter Terrorist Jacket
Upper BodyGuard of Ophion HeavyCamo
Upper BodyGuard of Ophion Heavy
Upper BodyGuard of Ophion
Upper BodyYellow Sentai Samurai Harness
Upper BodyRed Sentai Samurai Harness
Upper BodyBaron's Jacket
Upper BodyBaron's Blue Jacket
Upper BodyThreads of Sergio Sanchez
Upper BodySuit of Agent Xenon
Upper BodySuit of Agent Xenon Limited
Upper BodyPrime of Dr Decay
Upper BodyPrime of Dr Decay Limited
Upper BodyStratos Suit
Upper BodyLuxurious Leather Coat
Upper BodyMafioso Jacket
Upper BodyThe Muscle Suit
Upper BodyUberJacket
Upper BodyCap'n Bradford's Jacket
Upper BodyCroc Skin Jacket
Upper BodyBlack Corps Body Armor
Upper BodyJuggernaut Chassis
Upper BodySforce Ninja Cuirass
Upper BodySir Magnus' Cuirass
Upper BodySuperSpy Jacket
Upper BodyArcticDread Tactical Jacket
Upper BodyIron Body of Viktor
Upper BodySentinel Chassis
Upper BodyCounter-Terrorist Jacket France
Upper BodyCounter-Terrorist Jacket Germany
Upper BodyCounter-Terrorist Jacket Russia
Upper BodyCounter-Terrorist Jacket UK
Upper BodyCounter-Terrorist Jacket USA
Upper BodyGodfather's Suit Jacket
Upper BodyBlack Sentai Samurai Harness
Upper BodyWhite Sentai Samurai Harness
Upper BodySForce Ninja Armor
Upper BodyThreads of Tito Sanchez
Upper BodyRebel Vest
Upper BodyJuggernaut Chest Armor
Upper BodyArcticDreads Tactical Jacket
Upper BodyThe Croc Skin Jacket
Upper BodyDoctor Death
Upper BodyLuxury Leather Coat
Upper BodyUberSanta Jacket
Upper BodyDoctor Death Coat
Upper BodyGrey Suit Pants
Upper BodySkeleton Suit
Upper BodyGod Father's Suit Jacket

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