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Just Officers - Official Clan Tags


CMUNE Uberstrike limits a maximum number of players in a clan to up to 12 players (Leader, Officer/s and Members). This of course will, in most cases, suffice for many clans.

The clan limitation, however, is not suffice for Just Officers, because:

  • kaysie, "The more (team mate), the merrier!"
  • utsav rocks, "Server difference"
  • *D3bz_Enzo*, "So many wants to join"
  • -VOLTURI-, "It is good!"

Official Tags

The followings are the official extensions of Just Officers.

  1. [JOs] - Mix server
  2. [*JOs*] - All-girl
  3. [JOs~T] - Training Team
  4. [JOs~] - Asia
  5. [JOs+] - Plus.
  6. [JOs-A] - AU server
  7. [JOs-E] - EU server

Annihilated Tags

No longer official because of various reasons.

  1. [JOs-S]
  2. [JOs-X]