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Information Board

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  • Give all OR certain class of moderators the power to ban cheaters - VOTE HERE


Play Fair, Honor Just.

Code of Conduct

  1. Play fairly and honorably.
  2. Be loyal to the clan.
  3. Do not bully newbies.
  4. Do not hack/cheat, exploit glitches or lags.
  5. Behave maturely, be respectful to all players.
  6. No cussing or using offensive language.
  7. Have fun!


  1. Any member found to be cheating, exploiting, behaving in an offensive manner will be removed and banned.
  2. Any member who is inactive for more than 14 days without notifying leader/officers) will be removed.
  3. Any member who leaves without providing an explanation to the leader will not be allowed back.


Recruitment is a case-by-case basis.

We do not place high importance on a player's level.
As long as we observe that you:

  • Are cool people
  • Glass half full
  • Do not have a history of clan hopping
  • Will make positive contribution to the clan
  • Able to uphold the clan's code of conduct

    ... you are eligible for consideration.

During the process you may have to :

  • Tell us your fb account. This is a way so that we can add you to the clan facebook chat. Facebook chat is very flexible for us as facebook is available for mobile phones.
  • Like our Facebook page. This is a requirement from facebook if you want to be added as one of the facebook page admins. And we do welcome all members to take part (post pictures, videos, etc).
  • Your birthday. So that we can bug you with birthday treats :D

If interested, please contact the respective leaders or officers in the game, or pm us in the forums, or email or fill-up this registration form. Thank you!