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Just Officers - Gallery - Signatures

We are working to make animations, but still busy playing uberstrike .


Signatures are commonly used in Forums, and in this case Uberstrike forum.

Curently the rules on Uberstrike forum:

  • Maximum dimension of 640x120 pixels.
  • Maximum of two (2) images in the signature.
  • Maximum of one (1) animated image in the signature.

WARNING: Read here about the official Uberstrike forum rules for signatures

How to set signatures into your forum profile:

  1. Upload the signature image to your image server OR right-click on the image of your choice and then select 'Copy image url'.
  2. Go to Uberstrike forum
  3. Click YOUR name (top right hand of the browser)
  4. Click "Edit Profile" Tab
  5. Click "Signature"
  6. Click the 'Image Icon'
  7. Ctrl-V OR right click and paste

All Just Officers Signatures

  photo signature-just_officers-v3-515125-bk_zps69e0647d.gif

  photo signature-just_officers-v3-515125-transparant_zps2185c953.gif

515x125 px size was a perfect fit in the previous forum. SForce Ninja with Fusion Lance.

ani v3 all

With logo v.4b

 photo signature-just_officers-v3-515125-bk_zps69e0647d.gif

Vintage with logo v.1

ani v2 all

Member Specific Signatures


ani v3 black


ani v3 kaysie

Prowler IX

signature jos prowler photo banner-just-officers-400-prowler.gif

Mica 2377

ani v3 mica vic photo signature-just_officers-v3-515125-ani-mica.gif

Ex-Member Specific Signatures


ani v1 sliz

 photo signature-just_officers-v3-515125-ani-sliz-brad.gif

ani v3 sliz


uberstrike-just-officer-utsav-rocks-lucius-signature photo signature-just_officers-v5-640128-ani-lucius-utsav_zps40f63cb8.gif

Wen Hong Lee

ani v3 hong vic photo signature-just_officers-v3-515125-ani-hong.gif

ani v3 hong photo signature-just_officers-v3-515125-ani-hong-corps.gif