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About Just Officers

The Just Officers [JOs] clan was founded near the end of 2011. The motto "Play Fair, Honor Just", was engraved as there were so many wrong doings by individuals and clans/teams that made the Uberstrike gaming experience less than fun.

After building some minor foundations such as the clan's official Web site and clan rules, recruitment to fill the 12-member vacancy provided by the game was done through the Uberstrike Clan Lobby. The requirement for becoming a Just Officers member has never been focused on a player's in-game skills but rather on his attitude towards the game and to other players.

sliz's arrival helped the clan ascend into a higher level. Tasks became more organized. While sliz took the role of [JOs] leader and focused about everything in the game itself, Mica 2377 focused on improving and managing the Web site. They collaborated for internal issues, rules, and forum campaigns.

Just Officers time-line of chronological events can be seen here.

The Inner Circle

The Inner Circle is composed of members from JOs (and all extensions) that have been chosen and recognized by the predecessors to act as counselors. They each have a voice value that's as high as that of the clan leader's.

Annual Schedules

Annual Inner Circle Meeting

  • Purpose transfer of leadership
  • When? July 27, 1 pm. (UTC/GMT+0).
  • Just Officers Facebook discussion

Other Meetings

  • Just Officers Facebook discussion.

Awards and Achievements

Lanmay Signature Contest: 2nd Place

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