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Just Officers - Uberstrike Game Tips

Various tips to help you excel your skills.

level-upGeneral Tips

  • Move faster by straffing. How ? Press forward or backward and right or left at the same time and jump and repeat as soon as you hit the ground.
  • Get all in-game items as you move.
  • Keep Moving, jumping always better then walking.
  • Suicide and can't wait to respawn ? exit the game and re-join (if the game is full better wait for the respawn count-down).
  • Report hackers or cheaters
  • BUY Spring Grenades and Armors.



Shopping Priority Tips

  1. Buy the spring grenade
  2. Buy armors
  3. Buy permanent items when you have credits. (previously you can choose either to rent or buy permanently)



Weapon Tips

  • Cannons, splatters, and launchers can harm yourselves. If you fire cannons or launcher at an object too close you will receive damage can might die..