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CMUNE Uberstrike Official Ultimate Clan Showdown Tournament

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This is the registration page

A clan-based elimination competition where clans fight head to head in weekly challenges for the ultimate prize that resembles your clan, makes your enemies even more jealous, and is just, plain awesome... game clan shirt.

Clans will battle over the course of several weeks completing 5 different challenges and avoiding 3 rounds of eliminations.

Registration opens today, so read the instructions carefully, complete the roster correctly, and join in on the competition!

This is a clan challenge. Only members of a clan may participate. Sister or alternate clans are not allowed to compete if the original clan is registered.

Clans MUST register a minimum of 5 members in the roster. Remember each member's number, as it WILL be important later. Make sure you register the members in your clan from most active at #1, to least active.

As part of the registration, clans must submit a CLAN PHOTO. See the photo details below for more information on the photo requirement.

Registration Clan Photo

Clans must submit a clan photo with AT LEAST 5 participating members in the shot. TWO IMAGES must be present to prove at least 5 participating members are in the picture.

Image 1 - An epic picture of the clan.

Image 2 - An in-game player list photo taken by the photographer (player pressed TAB while in-game).


Scoring will be out of 20 points and will be graded by the competition moderators.

Originality - use new ideas, angles, or anything to showcase your clan's awesomeness
out of 5 points
# of members in photo - 5 clan mates give you a score of 1/5. +1 point for each additional member
out of 5 points
Quality of picture - does it look like the picture was taken by a SLR or a potato?
out of 5 points

* Images should be of HIGH QUALITY. Please do not ask us what defines high quality, use your own judgment.

* Images should NOT be cropped or altered in any way.

* The person taking the photo must be in the clan.

Important Registration Information

Before registering, please review the general competition regulations as well as a few special rules added in for this competition.

By registering for the competition, you and your clan are actively agreeing to follow these regulations, and understand that breaking one or more of them may lead to disqualification in the Ultimate Clan Showdown and future tournaments.

General Competition Regulations:

* Only the clan leader may sign up the clan. An officer can sign up with the permission of the leader and entire clan.

* Registered player #1 is responsible for contacting the opposing clans. Leaders are not limited to contacting the opposing leader. It is recommended that leaders contact at least 2 members from the opposing clan(s).* Registered names MUST be the forum name. If there is an alternate in-game name, please type it in parenthesis.

* You may register your whole clan, however, you need a minimum of 5. Also, the first 5 players registered MUST be the most active. These 5 players will have an extra task that ONLY they can complete.

* All challenges MUST be completed by the time posted on the announcement.

* Clans MAY ONLY PLAY registered players. Any other player representing the clan in game will result in the clan's disqualification.

* Failure to get AT LEAST 5 players to participate in challenges will result in the clan's disqualification.

* In all competitions you MUST act mature, use appropriate language, and do your best.

* All registered members MUST be already registered on the forum.

* The clan leader MUST use Skype as it will be a key way for moderators and other clan leaders to contact them.

* Your clan DOES NOT have to register all of its members. You can choose to omit a few members that are not as active as this competition requires them to be. However, members omitted from the registration will not be able to post submissions for challenges or participate in other competition challenges.

* For the entire course of your clan's involvement in the competition, all registered members MAY NOT have a name change. Any registered player that chooses to change his or her name during the competition will be disqualified. Members that choose to leave the clan will also be disqualified.

* Players that are caught disobeying competition regulations, such as, but not limited to, using an alternative account to circumvent a ban, caught cheating/hacking or breaking other forum or in-game rules, will be removed from the competition. A replacement for this individual WILL NOT be permitted.

* In the registration the whole clan can be registered. Additional recruits who join a clan after the registration post is posted will be not be allowed to compete in the competition. Clan members are NOT allowed to change their user name during this competition. Name changes will result in the player being removed from the competition.

* Clans will decide on password & game information and share it with ALL necessary players.

* Registration will be open until AUGUST 14th, 7:30 PM PST (GMT - 8)
ONLY the clan leaders can register the clan. A clan officer is permitted to register a clan if the leader is inactive.
Remember that you should only register your team when the entire roster is notified and ready for the competition; in other terms, we DO NOT want time wasters!

* VERY Important: Once you register you can not edit the post.
If you need to make a change to your post, you must re-post.
Each clan can only re-post ONE time. That means if you make a mistake once, get everything perfect the 2nd time.
More than 2 posts per clan, or ANY edits will result in the clans disqualification. No warnings, no excuses. No exceptions!
Sorting through false posts creates a lot of extra work for organizers.
Please do not post if it isn't a registration post. Post anything that isn't a registration post in the discussion topic.
Announcement spammers will get warnings.

* In the event that your clan is disbanded during registration, or after the registration is closed, one of the registered members from the disbanded clan MUST contact a tournament moderator (timewarp01, GUY82, Johnnie8, Luna Lovegood or oblivion.taco) and report the clan has disbanded and left the competition. If you do not report this, ALL members from the clan who are registered may be blacklisted in future tournaments. It is very important that we offer competition spots to clans who are serious about competing. It is not fair to others who want the spot in the competition

* For more information regarding general competition rules and regulations, please read the official Uberstrike Tournament Guide, located HERE.

* By signing up for this competition, you and your clan mates are agreeing to following the rules listed above. Any breach of any of these rules will lead to the consequences stated above.

* The tournament moderators and CMUNE reserve the right to do whatever is deemed necessary as a result of the actions of you or your clan mates.

Registration Form:

Registration Clan Photo:
Clan Roster Image:
Clan Tag:
#1- Clan Leader:
#1- CMID:
#1- GMT +/-:
#1- Skype user name:
#2- Player Name:
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