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UberStrike Game - Play Cheat

So many players cheat on Uberstrike. We have seen high-level cheaters turn their cheats on and off during games. Although we haven't seen anything done with them, we will still be reporting cheaters to CMUNE with the hopes that clean games will be maintained.

CMUNE has actually assigned several player-moderators to continually join games and do the necessary actions limited to their authorizations, but the final curtain (the banning) is at the hands of the administrators.

Reporting Cheats

Warning: Please read thoroughly, certain actions will result in permanent ban on YOURSELF !!!

Reporting cheaters is quite a challenging task for all of us. We really don't know why CMUNE can't come up with a simpler way to report.
Previously, there were two ways of reporting:

  1. While on the game (press back space on keyboard to display option, choose "Report", and so on.)
  2. Report using a special form or by sending private message to a moderator.

Now however, because of the over flooding of false reports, no. 2 is the only option.

CAUTION: Do not report by posting on forum. We HATE to see good guys being banned for tiny mistakes while cheaters/hackers manage to level up so fast without being dealt with accordingly.

Step by step to report cheaters/hackers

  1. Acquire a user name at the CMUNE forum (not easy). This can be done by emailing CMUNE support at and frankly, they are not really that supportive.
  2. Find out what a moderator is
  3. Find out which moderator is signed for reporting cheaters/hackers
  4. PM the moderator ( last time, you will need to make few posts before you can PM -private message- anyone)
  5. Attach the documents

After all is done, it may take a month before the banning takes place..

Documenting proofs and evidence on the crime scene.

Proofs can be in the form videos and/or screenshots. This can be done by having software installed on your computer or by manually take pictures or video using your digital camera.


The following is tip to document proofs that anyone can do.

Taking Screen Shots

To take screen shots of cheats you should not be in full screen mode. The following is how to :

  1. If you are in full screen mode, Press "ESC" (Where ? Top Left) on your keyboard. This is to avoid error from taking screen shot while on full screen mode.
  2. Find a good proof and press "PRTSC" (Where ? Top Right section after F12 button) on your keyboard
  3. Go to Start - All Programs - Accessories - Paint (or Microsoft Paint)
  4. On "Paint" press "CTRL+C" (or "CTRL" and "C" then release both at the same time)
  5. Crop it if you will then save


UberStrike Cheat screen shot sample

 photo DMT-Barathviper-cheat_zps4500ef92.jpg

Record Video

Videos can be acquired using software that can record your screen. For recording while on full screen mode we recommend downloading fraps or bandicam software.

The video, then, can be uploaded to youtube.