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Just Officers' List of Bullies on Uberstrike

There are so many cheaters on uberstrike. Ready to report ? read here.

The following players found cheated. If you encounter them during the game just leave the game. You can also verify/notify other players to report the hackers/cheaters by typing on the screen. Report them (how to on the way) enemies or foes.

Bully Individuals

Mostly they bully by ranting. They love profanities.

Bully Clans

Typically the players from same clan play in the same team against low levels (noobs - not pros)

Clan [~25~] Click here to see screenshot

  • [~25~] Lil Arjhay
  • [~25~] 7@$T $@MURAI (Note: Redliner ???)
  • [~25~] Rockorocker

Clan [~25~] + [|BOSS] VS Noobs Click here to see screenshot

One of the most pathetic games we have ever seen. PRO VS newbies. LOL. Peace !

  • [~25~] 7@$T $@MURAI (Note: Redliner ???)
  • [~25~] cAstLevAni4
  • [!BOSS] chad 05

[!GODS] + [2MEGA] + [|BOSS] + [!BOSS] Click here to see screenshot

They were on Blue Team against newbies when I joined Red Team. I immediately tell them how pathetic it is the way they play :). [2MEGA] captain alzikry transferred from Blue to Red just before the screenshot taken. Then 1 high level from blue left shortly after.
FYI - leveling up was hard that day

  • [!GODS] ShadowRAy
  • [2MEGA] captain alzikry
  • [|BOSS] makeiteasy
  • [!BOSS] prominence99