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Just Officers' List of Cheaters and Hackers on Uberstrike

With the pain in reporting cheaters and hackers and the bans (from forum) "awarded" to Just Officers Players (so sad) we decided to put a page so that you guys are knowable.

The following players found cheated. If you encounter them during the game just leave the game. You can also verify/notify other players to run like hell from cheaters and hackers by typing on the screen.

Report Log

Auto Aim Bot Cheaters / Hackers


Invisible - Keyboard Plugin (?)

Glitch - Lag Exploiters

Immortal - Undead Cheaters / Hackers

Invisible Cheaters / Hackers

Speed Cheaters / Hackers

Mix Map (Flying) Cheaters / Hackers

Clans of Cheaters / Hackers

The following Clans might share cheats since we meet many of the members using any cheats above

  • [CLEAR]
  • [{EXP}]
  • [GA|ZA]
  • [PRO*X]
  • [rejan]
  • [R^ZOR]
  • [S*E]
  • [-SpY-]
  • [[TKO]]
  • [xlax]